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ITP Consulting Group (ITP) is a marketing and technology consulting firm and strategic adviser to businesses. We partner with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to build internal support and collaborate on real issues that lead to measurable results.

Allen Starrett

…the contributions were critical to our achievements. Without question… an exemplary visionary, problem-solver, and leader.

Managing Attorney Starrett Law Firm

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We integrate all forms of marketing such as email, instant messaging, banner advertising, mobile apps, text messaging, blogging and more for the most dynamic customer interactions.

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IT Strategy & Consulting

Our process is client-focused and offers a comprehensive approach to IT strategy and website/application development.

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Brand Development

We partner with you to develop intelligent, engaging brands that help customers understand what you do, who you are and allows them to find your services.

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Diversity Strategy

From professional development to cultural sensitivity and awareness, our team helps you create business imperative models for an inclusive and comprehensive workplace.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

The results exceeded expectations! …in the process I learned more than I could have ever imagined about seeking to understand, appreciating differences, and realizing that success comes in ways unexpected.

Robert F. Bertges,
Senior Bank Executive

I would highly recommend ITP for consulting services, when you find a company so committed to service and delivery while focused on new ideas and innovation…that is uncommon.

Thomas W. Dortch,
Jr., Chairman and CEO, NBCA Entrepreneur and Non-profit

….focuses on the common goal and assembles the ideal team of professionals to do the job….leading the effort in a collaborative manner….have always found the experience rewarding, effective and very pleasant.

Lucia Zapata Griffith- Founder and CEO, METRO Landmarks

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How to Manage Your Passion

Whether your inspiration is getting a raise, helping someone succeed, growing your business or creating the next big “thing”, your determination and passion can fuel that desire to a successful conclusion. We will offer topics and information on this blog that helps fuel your passion and raise your awareness of your own capabilities. No matter what you have passion for; we want to help you to connect with the energy and information that results in success and growth.